Push bike Kids Tour







A unique balance bike race for children between 2 and 5 years old. A fair play and friendly sporting gathering.

About : Push bike Kids Tour

The concept: a draisienne race for all children aged between 2 and 5.
The race takes place alongside the Trophée Enduro des Alpes VTT. The track is open from Sunday morning, with warm-ups starting at 10am and the first waves leaving at 10am. Family entertainment will also be provided by the resort alongside the race.

How it works :
- Reception of children and presentation of the frame plate: 8.00am - 9.30am
- Scouting of the track and warm-up 9-10.00am
- Progressive start of waves of 5 or 6 children depending on their age category
- The top 2 or 3 in each wave qualify for the next round up to the final
- Official podiums with the top 3 in each category

Regardless of their placing, all the children will receive: a frame plaque, a souvenir medal for each stage and small gifts. A snack is also included in the registration fee.
The number of places is limited to a maximum of 50 children for this stage (registration required). Bicycles and helmets can be borrowed for children who do not yet have their own equipment.

The aim of this event is to promote sport (and cycling in particular) among children and to ensure that all those taking part have a good time. There's very little competition involved, and our message to all the children is one of conviviality, fair play and sharing.

Prize-giving ceremony: 11.30 a.m.

Maximum age: 5 years

Minimum age: 2 years

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From 24 months


  • Number of participants expected: 50


Saturday 27 August 2022
Opening hours on Saturday between 2 pm and 4 pm.


Prices not available.