Oisans Col Series - 2019

Tuesday 16th July 2019

Lac du Verney (Allemont/Oz) > Oz station

The road up to Auris en Oisans is closed to traffic between 9am and 11am between Verney lake at the bottom of the Oz ascent and the Oz-en-Oisans resort (D44A).

Refreshments will be offered at the top of this lovely climb above the Eau d’Olle valley.

  • Distance : 7,8 km
  • Height gain: 600 m
  • Average time required: 70 min

This is a free, non-timed get-together for cyclists, with no registration required and no set departure time.

The organisers may have to cancel an event in the case of bad weather.


This event is organised by Oisans Tourisme, Oisans tourist offices and local villages.

Tourist office of oz-en-Oisans

+33 (0)4 76 80 78 01 Send a mail Website

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The departure is at the edge of the Verney lake. At the bottom of the Oz-en-Oisans ascent.

Road traffic conditions

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