Pleasant and accessible, this route is good for those looking to try out some mountain biking in Oisans on a fun, downhill ride. Leaving from les 2 Alpes, the track descends into a wooded environment, right down to Le Freney dOisans.
From Les 2 Alpes to Le Freney d’Oisans


Route from the “MTB in Oisans” guide (Oisans Tourisme)

Departure: Les 2 Alpes 1610 m
Arrival: Le Freney d'Oisans 925 m
Time: 45 mins.
Distance: 5 km
Highest point: 1610 m
Lowest point: 925 m
Total ascent: 7 m
Total descent: -687 m
Technique: 2/4
Endurance: 1/4

Map: Top 25 IGN 3336 ET Les Deux Alpes

The start point is the Lac de la Buissonière in Les 2 Alpes.
Take the path that runs alongside the left of the lake and then ride down the narrow, winding path towards Mont de Lans. Turn right when you get to a wider track, leaving the mountain bike track (Tallias) on the left. 100 m further on, the path goes off down to the left. Take care as this section is very bumpy, along an old paved track. If you prefer to avoid this, you can carry on straight down on the wider track.
When in Mont de Lans at the bottom of the chair lift, cross over the footbridge. Once on the road, turn left and then cross over, down towards "Bons / Le Freney".
This takes you to "Près Forand", just below the village of Bons. Turn right to Freney. The path gradually becomes easier.
The bus stop is in front of the Auberge de Freney, where there just happens to be a terrace for enjoying a drink whilst waiting for the bus (3030) to take you back to Les 2 Alpes!

Customers and groups

  1. Level bue - easy
  2. For beginners / novice

Oppening periods

From 01/06 to 31/10.




The departure point is at the Lac de la Buissonnière car park in Les 2 Alpes. You can either take bus no. 3030 (Bourg d'Oisans > Le Freney > Les 2 Alpes) or, if you have two cars, you can leave one down at the car park next to the Hotel Cassini.

From Les 2 Alpes to Le Freney d’Oisans
Les Deux Alpes